“..there were more and more requested

to take pictures and after a few weeks

I officially became the photo reporter

of the newspaper..”










My life so far:

11 – The Newspaper and the discovery of Photography

It was in the early 80s when my mother met the very accomplished journalist Franco Tannozzini. They had great working chemistry together and a huge creative force. Such colorful commonalities lead them to follow a dream that Franco had for long time: to create an independent newspaper.

At that time Franco was working at IL POPOLO which was one of the most prestigious newspapers in Italy. As a journalist he was very well respected and very accomplished. In his journalistic approach he was a genius with words. 

My mother in the other hand was very powerful in her approach and she had no fear to try new things particularly when there was an opportunity to provide for her children.

The two together started to create the skeleton for a newspaper. Since Franco had connection with the medical and sanity institutions they decided to create a newspaper to provide latest news in the medical and scientific field. 

Sanita Telex, that is how they decided to call it, was at first a few pages simple black and white newspaper. 

Franco would create the articles based on interviews and information that he would gather from doctors, professors, scientist, etc.. 

My mother would go to the northern city of Milan, introduce the Newspaper to the pharmaceutical industries and try to position advertisement ads in the newspaper.

My mother who was worry and concern about my challenges in finding out what I want to do in life saw in the newspaper something that could have sparkle an interest in me. She introduced me to Franco and they both started to engage me in many of the much needed supportive activities of the newspaper.

At first the newspaper was very small, it had only a few pages and there was very little money. 

I was asked to do many different type of handy work. 

I remember that one of the jobs was for me to deliver the newspapers to a long list of hospitals and clinics through out the country. I would fill up a very large bag with newspapers and with a huge list of delivery destinations I would take the train and stop city after city to different major hospitals and hand deliver the newspapers. 

After a few months I remember one day Franco looking for a picture of a professor he was writing an article for and could not find any available.

I then end up going to the professor office and ask him if I could take a picture of him to be published on our newspaper next to the article. He agreed and soon after I came back to our office with a black and with film strip with the picture of the professor ready to be developed and printed for the article. I used our small family camera to take the picture.

Soon after that episode there were more and more requested to take pictures and after a few weeks I officially became the photo reporter of the newspaper. I rapidly developed an interest in photography and started to read all the books I could found about it and finally joining a local six months photography school where I learned some basic techniques including developing film, printing and more. 

Through out the years to come, the newspaper started to take off to the point that we decided to change his format into a magazine. 

Sanita Telex became a full color magazine with high class graphics and packaging. My mother was getting more and more successful in her marketing skills, Franco was providing state of the art journalism and writing and I developed a unique style as photographer. 

The magazine in short became stunningly beautiful and we attracted major corporations in the medical and scientific industries whom where paying very well for secure their advertisement in our magazine. 

I became a full professional photo journalist and spend much of my time taking all kind of pictures for the magazine. All the other free time was mostly dedicated to create music which was still my biggest passion.