“The road of the heart is never the most chosen one and it is often criticized, misjudged and sometimes despised by those who do not have the courage to cross it,

but it is certainly the most beautiful and fascinating road to choose,

…and in truth it is the only reason why we are here”

– Marco Missinato












Does getting a  “day job” mean giving up on your dreams?


Does getting a day job mean you have to give up on achieving your dreams?  I say, no it does not.  Why do you have a day job?  What is your motivation for working “9 – 5?”  If such a job is performed through experiencing your highest joy, then it is a wonderful thing.  There is nothing wrong with having a 9 – 5 job.


However, it seems many people choose to have a job because they are motivated by survival or acting from the perspective of scarcity.    We can easily have a program playing in our mind that says I must get a job so I can feed my children, pay my mortgage, have material things that will make me happy.  Perhaps you even feel that you must fit in with mainstream living that says, “I can make it,” but what does that really mean?  That is an illusion.


I recommend you first address your dream by going deeply into the stillness of your heart and connect with your dream of what would bring you the most joy in life.  Sort through all of your layers, sort through the fears and perceived shortcomings you think you might have in life.  Your true dream can be found in what comes natural to you when you discover that creative part of you coming from joy.


What brings you joy might even be something like working in a hospital caring for the injured or diseased because your gift is supporting those in need.  Any job is right and wonderfully magical if it comes from joy rather than fear or a sense of “need to make a living.”  Go to your Source of Being deep within to find your dream.


This process can take time or it might come to you quickly because you are passionate about who you are and what your dream can manifest in your life.  Just observe yourself and ask questions about how you feel when working in a particular situation.  When you work a job you are giving it energy every moment you perform in that job.  It is important to understand and feel how you are supporting life and your fellow humans, nature and this planet.  Are you making the world a better place through this job?


Generally corporations or business entities are motivated by something that is artificial like power, financial gain or becoming a competitive leader in a particular marketplace, without any consideration for the damage they might cause to humans, nature or Mother Earth.  Each day those working for such corporations are feeding this Matrix machine.  Ask yourself if this in your passion and whether or not it is bringing joy into your life.


Remember you get back what you give out.  Once you understand this energetic give and take you are now responsible for your own journey.  Your awareness can begin the transformation on this planet, making small changes perhaps within the corporation to steer it in a more positive direction, transforming darkness into light from the inside out.


You might also decide to transition quickly by selecting a brand new job better aligned with your desires and dreams, those that bring you joy.  No matter your path, because both are valid choices, you are becoming responsible for moving to the next level, becoming aware of who you are and what gifts you offer and how you can become more supportive of the world and humanity.


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“The road of the heart” – Photo by Marco Missinato

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