“Mother Nature is the most

reliable, pure, loving

and trustable energy field

we have access to

and therefore

it is the best teacher”













Does School help children to become more intelligent?

Marco Missinato shares his opinions about current school systems and children’s intellect.  He feels that children should be left alone because generally the schools Marco experienced are deceiving and often hinder a child’s imagination and connection with his or her creativity and the heart.  They tend to treat all children the same when each child is extraordinary with unique gifts and deserves the support of a personalized curriculum.  Marco acknowledges that everyone needs to learn certain practical protocols like reading and writing to navigate through their journey.  However, he sees children mostly frustrated and learning from schools that they are not good enough, that it is bad to dream and have an imagination and that they must compete against one another and experience separation.  Through school “programming” children learn to be obedient rather than “sparkle” with creativity and imagination.  Actually most schools today, according to Marco, do not even teach the truth and over the next several years people will begin to understand this, understand more of the truth.  We are hopefully beginning to see changes in the schools but Marco still feels that the best school is life itself and nature or Mother Earth.

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