“Our fears are opportunities

to identify what is not

in balance within ourselves”












How to prevent projecting our fears to our loved ones

Marco Missinato begins this video by explaining first how fear is actually a positive thing because it allows us to observe what is not quite in balance within.  Life works in a way that orchestrates relationship, events, and circumstances for our fears to unfold and be acknowledged.  According to Marco, we have an intent or vision and when we take action towards that vision situations unfold and fears may come to the surface for us to recognize and acknowledge in gratitude for they teach us about ourselves.  He reminds us that we are here to challenge ourselves, to expand our heart through our creativity and our imagination.  If there are any fears as obstacles to realizing your desires or vision, they will come to the surface to be addressed and that is a good thing.  Hearts desires can be manifested.  But Marco points out that in today’s world with distortion and chaotic situations, this simple process or rule of attaining our wishes is not so simple because turbulences have been artificially created complicating our achievement of our vision.  We are being manipulated.  But we are awakening and we are here to stop this distorted game that wasn’t supposed to occur.  Marco summarizes how to process through an intent and resulting fears that arise, while relating it to relationship interactions.  It is Marco’s advice to always be humble and honest with yourself and your lover about fears that come up, such as abandonment fears, and address them honestly between you.  This honesty is what helps to prevent projecting our fears to our loved ones, and it is truly an action of courage to do so.

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UNFOLDING SECRETS – Symphony of the Heart


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