“Once we truly know

what we truly want

all is left

is to take action”












How do we attract the life we want?

well first of all you have to know what life you want?

yeah and many people do not know what they want

right?  right so but let’s say that you

come to a point where you know you

really know what you want

I mean you know organically what you

want not what your mind wants you to

believe you want but what your heart

and your soul really want

well, once you are there

all you have to do is to take action

just take action… you take action by

using your imagination and tapping into

your joy    if you know what you want and

you’re very clear and it’s a real wanting

and desire… in fact I suspected

that once you are really really connected

with source is not about so much about

what you want,     because wanting something

implies the idea that what you have

right now is not enough and that’s if

you are connected with stillness

it cannot occur     it cannot happen that you

want something when you’re connected

with stillness because stillness will

fill you with the highest level of love and

excitement you can possibly contain

so when you want something is because

you are in the…. when we want something is

because we are trapped into the idea 

of time  future past and the mind is

telling us is convincing us that what we

have right now is not good enough and so

we want something else

now that’s the the general wanting now

there is a desire that comes i believe

from the heart and the desire of the heart and of the soul is to gain

more self knowledge that’s probably the

only thing that the heart desire is

to expand his sense of self because the

only reason why we’re here is to grow

grow in awareness so on that desire

there is not so much you need to know

about it you just feel it and by feeling

it by fully tapping into it you will be

guided to move along

and take action during your journey that

feeling of desiring to experiencing more

of who you are will will lead you to make

certain choices and take certain actions

and therefore address your life

in any given moment so

the question original question let’s

let’s go back to the question what was it

how to attract the life you want how to

attract the life you want

yeah okay so either you’re in a position

where you are disconnected with Source

you’re not connect with your heart then

that question has quite a number of

different answers if you are connected

with your heart and with source and

with your soul then that question does

not have answer is an eternal question

is just a mechanism that  pushes you to

expand more your level of awareness so

there is no answer to that question

however if we go back to the mind then we

we find all kinds of things that we want

and desire and there is nothing wrong with

that    i have a lot of that   I have a lot of

desires in that the department when I

step in to the little Marco of course i have a lot

things that I want and I want more

and and it’s exciting but being

connected also then that “wanting more” is

in integrity with my heart …so you

start to have a list of things you want

but they are connected with your

heart and so what you want has a higher purpose

it doesn’t have just the purpose of

fulfilling your emptiness or fulfilling

your ego   it has a purpose that is supportive party of life is supportive to other

humans is supportive to mother earth and

supportive most of all of your inner

growth so when you are like that then

then you will create a list of divinely

guided purposes and those are the that’s

the list that you really want to

consider making because the other list

is a fulfillment of a never-ending

illusion of separation so once you have

that least how you are going to get what

you want from your life and that list

coming from a series of wanting of

desires that are connected with your

heart then the how will find its own

answer when when you are connected with

your source with yourself when you are

into stillness or you’re in in a

imaginative  joyful imagination

process so basically you will be like an

airplane that wants to land and is

connected with the tower control because

from the position of the plane you cannot see the whole thing so you don’t

know how to land but you’re connected source which is tower control and

will tell you move a little bit left more down go down and then you will land

perfectly fine exactly where you have to learn while if you are in your mind you

don’t have tower control you’re just trying to figure out if you by yourself

then the  landing is going to be much more difficult and probably also very

danger so in order to getting what you

want in your life you have to establish

first the connection with the part of

you that is non-physical the part of you

that is again female that is intuition that his feelings that is… it connects you with the with the part of you that is non-physical it seems like all the house questions just fall away when you connect with your essence right? yeah because when we are connected with ourself with our higher self the higher self they call it higher self but with our part our true self,     ok      that part is not so much concerned about the how because the desire that come from that part of ourself is  to have the experience  more than the outcome so we 

are not so concerned about the result so

we’re not concerned how to get there we generally we just want to start the trip

start the experience and then how we get there and where you’re going to get

will always surprise you    the mind will not be able to even imagine

comprehend what’s going to be the result of your choices when you’re in a

situation where you can predict where you’re going to be

then you’re in a situation that it’s small    your playing is small when you

play fully there is no way you can know what is going to happen how it’s going

to happen when it’s going to happen you just have to surrender all that and just fully dance   ..is like a dancer that is concerned about how the dance is going to look like when the music is going to stop you know and then your dances is compromised and it’s completely contracted by concerns but if you just let go at the idea of the what is going to be the outcome of your dance then you can completely surrender to the moment and the body will move in ways that you could never aspect you could do when you were trying to control the situation from your mind  yeah so that’s one of the biggest fear

we have to conquer this idea of controlling everything all the time and

because that also comes from fear from scarcity and and separation and idea

of not having enough need of certain things to happen

we have to let go out that

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