“Every person 

that crosses our path

os a soulmate”













Do soulmates exist?

Marco Missinato shares his intriguing views about the existence of soulmates.  Sure they exist, but he says everything around you is a soulmate because by definition a soulmate is a mirror, a teacher, one that helps you expand and grow deeper.  The idea of having a soulmate often triggers a romantic fantasy of finding the perfect match in a relationship that goes on forever and both partners live a happily-ever-after life.  Marco finds this idea to be fictitious and just another trick we play on ourselves to maintain the idea of separation where one person is and another is not the perfect soulmate.  The romantic idea of soulmates perpetrates putting conditions on and around each lover with certain expectations and timeframes that cannot continue forever.  According to Marco, life is forever changing; we change and we must remain free to be exactly who we are as we process through change and go down the road toward Unity and Oneness.

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“Walking Through the Garden of Life”

Music by Marco Missinato

from the album

UNFOLDING SECRETS – Symphony of the Heart


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