“The more I allow myself

to shift in a state of no

mind in which emotions

are running freely, 

the more melodies come


– Marco Missinato









The Mysterious process of creating melodies 

By playing a few notes in the piano and/or singing along a chord progression (a sequence of harmonized notes) I enter a state of deep meditation and open a conduit through which melodies take form. 

The more I allow myself to shift in a state of no mind in which emotions run freely the more the melodies come through. 

Among the many emotions that spontaneously emerge while playing there are joy, peace, playfulness, passion, sadness, sensuality, nostalgia, oneness with everything and most of all LOVE.

In such state of being the melodies come through in one fast single passage and then go back into the higher realms. Most of the time, once they are back, I am not able to recall them because the thinking mind is not involved in the process. Therefore every time I play and/or sing I have a tape recorder recording through my playing to assure that whatever comes in is captured and does not get lost.

Other then my intuition and emotions I do not have any supportive knowledge or education about Music. Many healers and psychic I have encountered in the past confirmed the idea that my knowledge of music was already acquired in past lives (parallel lives) and therefore there was no need in this life to spend time on an music educational program.

Not been “musically educated” allows my personal approach to music to be pure, intimate and innocent.

In other words, not having formed in my mind a “right” and “wrong” way to create music allows the most open spaciousness in which music can run freely without the “concerns” that are sometimes implanted on educated and trained musician.

In my music approach there are not agendas other then the pure desire to establish a connection with higher frequencies of myself. I found that any other reason other then that will not allow the necessary conduit for the creation of highly elevated music to take place. It is almost as the Unknown, if I want to reach for the music within me, wants me to become like a little child, fully immerse in the Now, completely detached and surrendered in the emotions.

Therefore my composition are not originally conceived for any ego-tic reasons like fame, wealth, publication or public acceptance or any other kind of outside validations.

The melodies “appear” to the surface as a way to create more self awareness, expansion and healing. They are voices of love gently moving me forward in my journey. Back to the cup in pieces on the floor example, it is like if by fully expressing themselves, each individual piece of the broken cup move closer and closer to the original cup itself eventually perfectly recreating it.

While there is no agenda in my approach to music, after the spontaneous creation of the melodies and after the healing that occurs during such process I experience an intense state of love and joy and with that comes inevitably the genuine desire to share the music created with all those that would resonate with it, with the intent to offer them the possibility to have the same experience and its beneficial healing effects.

With time I have accumulated an extensive library of original melodies (several hundreds), some I have fully arranged and produced, some are still in their raw format.

Most of them, with few rare exceptions, at this time remain untouched and have not been publicized.

After many years of melodies creation and inner processing it is now my deep desire to share the music created. Such desire is also constantly supported by a dream that I have been having over and over again through the years of my life.

Marco Missinato