Searching Hearts:

the Soul search begins









SEARCHING HEARTS, the Soul Search begins



The Soul voyage on Planet Earth

Imagined and purely heart conceived 

by Marco Missinato




“Journey of the Soul” is the story of the Soul 

when it chooses the physical Experience and begins its journey into the Planet Earth,

the most complex and challenging playground for the Soul,

made of polarity, duality, fragmentation, separation, diversity

and the up side down reverted holographic realities of the inverted Matrix.

Graduating from such deep experience of separation

will reward the Soul with maybe highest level of

self mastery which will effect and impact not only its personal evolution

but also the expansion of all the other expressions of Source

into a more profound and vibrant

state of  Self, Love, and Oneness


Chapter Three”

“SEARCHING HEARTS” – The Soul search begins


…after deeply feeling the separation, 

the pain, 

the dualities, 

and the contractions of the Human Condition, 

an inner deep desire to go back Home 

emerges from within. 

The Soul then begins 

its search for oneness, 

for love, 

for unity consciousness. 


It now fully engages itself 

deep into its heart search

and starts passionately 

to create changes  

by acting upon 

its Imagination, 

its Uniqueness 

….and its Gifts,  

which it gave to itself 

at the moment of its incarnation.


In order to achieve its wished result

the Soul has to go through all the resistances 

created by the inverted Matrix programming 

and the consequent 

human collective fear 

…and its pain.


Music Credits:

Marco Missinato: Piano and Digital Strings

Mami Van Mulken-Kamezaki: 

Lead Vocal, Background Vocals, Violin

Isabelle Dosne: 

Flute & Harp

Siemee Daiko: Symphonic Percussions & Ambient Sounds


Peter Van Mulken-Kamezaki: Electric Bass


Music by Marco Missinato

Written and Produced by Marco Missinato

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“Heart’s Flight”

Photo by Marco Missinato